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About Us

Minesouq is a UAE based precious metals dealer specializing in the supply of internationally approved minted gold bars and coins from the most established mints. Our company was born as a project of a team of experts specialized on gold trade globally since 2000s and well experienced on the of New York Exchange, Singapore Exchange, and the gold exchange of Istanbul. With well-established collaboration with some of the biggest refiners, Minesouq offers everyone the chance to purchase and own their own physical gold as it is the most reliable goods since the beginning of the trade and the barter system whilst offering the advantages of the rapidly growing e-trade and blockchain technology with high standard of service.

As Minesouq, we are committed to collaborate with the most known partners in the crypto world for wallet safety and reliable blockchain service. If it is your first time buying minted gold bars with crypto currency or you have been investing for years with Bitcoin, Tether and Litecoin with available options via secure and insured shipping service through our application whether you are at your home, your office or even at vacation, Minesouq are here to meet your needs at every stage.

As well as live prices online for fast and secure purchases, Minesouq offers a fully personalised buying service to assist customers in building a gold portfolio that meets their needs within UAE for now with a vision to grow our market throughout the Europe. All the staff are experienced in-house industry specialists available over the phone or in person via appointment at their UAE office.